Get This New Device That Detects Falls And Illness Symptoms Automatically

HomeGuardian is a device that monitors and alerts for unseen falls, cries for help, absence and wandering, decline in health and changes in behaviour – but most importantly – COVID-19 and other illness symptoms.

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Detects falls

Illness Detection

Health alerts

Saves lives


This device automatically cares
for you and your loved ones
without getting in the way

What is it?

The Home Guardian is anassistive technology device that helps saves lives thanks to health and incident monitoring thanks to proven artificial intelligence.

Helps saves lives

This new device uses artificial intelligence to actively monitor and report health concerns without invading anyones privacy.

Helps saves lives

This new device uses artificial intelligence to actively monitor and report health concerns without invading anyones privacy.

24/7 peace of mind and proactive care

Detects falls

Artifical intelligence provides fall detection technology that saves lives.

Incident reporting

Proactively detects incidents and reports directly to professionals.

Saves lives

Automatically alerts carers, loved ones, neighbours — or all the above within seconds.

No privacy issues

Private and secure thanks to processing alerts on the device itself, with no images sent outside your home.

No setup troubles

Zero cabling or expensive installation required. Simply plug the device into a power point and leave turned on.

Detects flu like illnesses

Detects COVID-19 symptoms and onset of other flu like illnesses with proactive management and early detection.

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What other people are saying

Health care professionals and caring families around Australia are using this device to protect loved ones and at risk people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve answers.

The device is called a "Home Guardian". The Home Guardian is an award-winning Australian health device that features convenient and private health monitoring and reporting.
Applying via this website will give you the chance to cover the device under the NDIS and access the latest special offers.
The Home Guardian device is normally supplied under NDIS funding for eligibile applicants. With this funding, there's no out of pocket expense to you.
HomeGuardian assures its users the device is completely private, safe and secure meaning you never have to worry about your privacy thanks to the device processing important data on the device itself unlike other solutions.

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Discover how the device protects your loved ones

This world first assistive device can support people to live independently for longer and helps save Australian lives.

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Apply for free and get approval to access the device thanks to the latest Australian funding schemes. Limited time only.

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